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Fundraisers Program  


Under this program, 4gitftgiving.com have three 3 options to offer and we require an agreement signed by two official representatives of the board of the Fundraiser Group, in accordance with the Fundraiser Agreement.

Option 1 :

The Fundraisers representatives can register as a fundraiser agreed by Crete/4giftgiving and order directly online at 4gitftgiving.com. They will enjoy all our promotions, volume discounts and get our best freight rates when we deliver to one address. The fundraiser will get also some payment agreement.

Option 2 :

The Fundraiser representatives can create a group program whereby people registering as member of the group enjoy a better price, can place an order individually and is able to pay under the terms of our website. The Organization will receive a payback contribution for the group purchases (equivalent to our volume discounts). No financial risk or financial commitment.

Option 3 :

The Fundraiser group and members can pre-sell $30.00 gift cards/coupons (supplied and authorized by us for control). These gift cards/coupons will be honored by us on the online website in the PROMO CODE SECTION. We will charge you $25.00 per coupon sold or not returned to us with payment. Consequently, the Fundraiser group will get to keep $5.00 for each coupon sold.