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About our products

Fragrance! Aroma!

Everyone loves Christmas and decorating the home for the holidays is an important part of the Christmas tradition.

Nothing lifts your Holiday spirit like the pleasing scent of evergreen in your home at Christmas. Our hand crafted products made from fresh, natural evergreens not only add beauty to your Christmas decor but also emit the pleasing fragrances of evergreen that we all associate with Christmas.
All of our evergreen products are hand crafted by our artisans in what we call Santa’s workshop. The evergreen boughs we use in our products are harvested daily at our tree farms to ensure maximum freshness. We use balsam, cedar, white and red pine and Fraser branches or a combination thereof in our products. Our artisans cut the fresh boughs into smaller branches and carefully arrange them in oasis foam on decorative plates for centerpieces or on wire frames for wreaths providing added strength so that they maintain their shape. Finally our centerpieces and wreaths are decorated in our Traditional Christmas style, our Holiday and Rustic country styles, our more luxurious Executive and Premium styles or our Special style using a smaller bow. Our evergreen products are also available undecorated.

We are a family business and our people take pride in every centerpiece, wreath or other evergreen product they produce knowing that it will soon be decorating your home for you to enjoy for the holiday season.


Our centerpieces will brighten up you tables and spread the natural smell of evergreen throughout your home. One candle, two candles or our beautiful tower candle centerpiece will definitely catch the eye of your guests. They come in different forms and Traditional, Rustic, Holiday, and Premium styles.
All of our centerpieces have remarkable long-lasting foliage and are easy to care for. They come assembled with an oasis foam in a decorative plate to facilitate watering and they may be misted with warm water to maximize freshness and fragrance.


For indoors and outdoors, our magnificent evergreen wreaths are available, ready to hang, in a 55cm (22 inch) size decorated in the Traditional, Holiday, Rustic, Executive, Premium and Special styles or in a 76 cm (30 inch) size available in the Traditional, Holiday, Rustic and Premium styles, or undecorated and will add beauty and fragrance to your Christmas décor.

Other Products

We also offer other natural evergreen products to complete you Christmas decorating needs. We have a large selection of high quality garlands, swags, arches and kissing balls to enhance your outdoor decorations along with evergreen decorations in the shapes of candy canes, Christmas trees and hearts. If you prefer to use your imagination to create your own unique Christmas decorations, we can even offer you a box of boughs in balsam, cedar, white pine, red pine and Fraser or even a combination of these boughs.

Evergreen Gifts

Christmas is a very special time of the year. As a child, we couldn’t wait for Christmas morning to open our presents.
Christmas brings out the spirit of giving as it is often more fun to give than to receive. The gift of one of our evergreen products is a special gift, as an expression of love or appreciation that will be enjoyed throughout the holiday season and remembered for years.
Consider the gift of a natural evergreen product for this Christmas. They come in attractive gift boxes with a personalized gift card and can be delivered direct to the recipient.